Monday, June 13, 2011

As Promised

So unfortunately i didn't get as much done as i had wanted to. I am not completely sure exactly how i feel about these pages i like them a little but you know me picky picky lol. I have also been asked to share my darling daughters pages inspired by her mummy. Love her to bits. Both of my pages use a blend of that new ribbon from Green Tara, some old Rusty Pickle paper, some Kaisercraft, a bit more of this and that and of course Glimmermist.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

 Anyways yes i have been scrapping and it has been therapeutic because it is for me and of course those who look at my blog. Alot of mess and slap and stick because if i over think a page it doesn't work. I try not to have a plan too firmly set in my head because once i start scrapping it rarely ever turns out how i planned.

 Really having trouble taking the photos lately Grrr think it is time to tell Santa i want a new camera. Anyways until next time enjoy life. Blessed be!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


So the year is flying by so quickly and i still have so much to do hmmmm don't know how i am going to get it all done. On a happier note i have spent some of the afternoon scrapping with my darling daughters. So sweet because my oldest kept saying "You inspire me mum" as she quite openly copied my pages, love her to bits. So on my desk i have a small pile of new things and a pile of old stuff i just want to use up(mostly because i don't really want to find a home for it). All the pages consist of Glimmermist, Alcohol inks, Inks and doillies as well as a bit o' my style. I know the photos aren't the best but i am tired and a little slack and my famous once upon a time journaling is a thing of the past lately but i love the pages as they still have what i need on them. So enjoy and Blessed Be!