Monday, September 30, 2013

School holidays means creating!

I really love school holidays! I not only get to have my kids at home and have lazy mornings but it usually means fun, fun and more fun. We have been creating alot in between camping, going visiting, and all the other stuff. We went down to Bundy on the weekend to visit the inlaws and the girls had such a blast with all the baby animals their Nana had down on her farm. Of course i got an opportunity to have a little shop too. I managed to find some owl mugs. I have quite a little growing collection of different owls and these just fit right in. I am looking forward to a lovely cuppa with them :)

I have also managed to read a few books these holidays and the kids have had a blast going to the library. There is lots to do and this week they will be attending another art class there.  Two of my fav books i have managed to read are

So i have been scrapping but alot of it is for upcoming DT challenges for Scrap Africa. So i will share them of course when it is time. However i managed to finish something i started along time ago. Around 3 years ago i began my love of creating on canvas. Of course i also have a habit of not finishing things. Something i am trying to rectify but i guess i just put it down to having to many ideas. Anyway i started a canvas for my oldest daughter and i some babushka dolls from my cricut, sapped down some scraps and this is as far as i got...

Looking pretty blah at this point. Anyway add some Gesso, Texture paste and mists, using some scraps and here you have it a canvas for my daughters room.

Okay so that is it from me, take care. 


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Using up my stash!!

I sat the other day waist deep in a pile of old scrapbooking mags, believe me i am disgusted in how many i have. I began scrapbooking almost 10 years ago as a way of not just documenting my oldest daughters life but also to keep me sane too :) Since then the scrapping world has changed time and time again,and so to has my style. But i sat today and looked through some of the past inspirations and then i got to being inspired. I have alot of left over paper (ok maybe that is an understatement) and some with just a small piece missing. I have been giving my kids my scraps and they havent even made a dint in them.

As i sat in the mags i also began to rummage through some of my scraps and  i can remember most of the paper, when i bought it and what i created with it. It brought back some lovely memories. But as of today i have decided to not buy a single thing for the rest of the year, especially paper!!!  Don't get me wrong i will need tape, glue, texture paste etc but i am talking stash stuff. Not only that but every page i create from now on will be done with my scraps!!! Of course it will be hard but i am up for the challenge! Plus upon recently quiting work, being a student and raising a family on one income it probably isn't a bad move! Oh and those little things i put away for that "special" page, well i am using them too!!

So with all this in mind i set about creating and exprimenting. Not thinking about how it will end up just cutting, sticking, glueing, painting. The first page i created though is a page inspired by Emily Falconbridge. She has alays been an inspiration to me ever since i started.  It is pretty simple because i did not want to cover the background too much.

This next one is pretty simple too but sweet and it says all i need to say. The frame around my photo i have had for around 9 years i reckon, shocking isn't it.
Lastly a page that i am not sure if it is finished or not. A page that i ruined and salvaged a few times from ripping up and starting again.
Well that is it from me, i have a  few DT pages to get to and a whole lot of housework but there is no rest for the wicked ;) Take care and until next time keep scrapping!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Scrap Africa Challenge #21 - Washi Tape and Twine

Another fortnight, another challenge!! I really enjoyed creating this page and i even used up some stuff i have been keeping for those rainy days, lol, and some scraps! My daughter took a lovely photo of her father and me and i just had to use it. I guess not every photo has to be perfect right??
So if you would love to have a go at this weeks challenge pop over here. We would love to see you there and lets face it who doesn't have some spare washi tape and twine laying around.

So that is it from me for today. Take care xx

Friday, September 13, 2013

Prima love

Ok so i am back to share with you a page i created which was inspired by last months Prima BAP. I finally finished it and it's only about 2 weeks late :P This is vast becoming one of my fave family photos, not because of the excellent photography skills but i think more because of the memories it envokes. We had so much fun in Melbourne and i hope to visit again real soon.

So that's it from me for now, i am off to finish some more unfinished projects lol!! I am trying to get my mojo back into gear from the long hibernation it took. Take care xxx

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Some Smashbooking!

Hello lovelies, i hope we are all keeping well????? I have been scrapping these days but just not sharing..sigh. I did a few challenges last month and just never got around to photographing them and sharing them. Oh well such is life! So today i thought i would share my smashbook as i wait for the washing machine to finish and my banana bread to cook. I am enjoying my smashbooking these days, when i am not head first into a book i will sit and throw together a page or two :)

My double page of some of my fav things,the things that make my heart happy other than my family :)



So thanks for stopping by. Take care and keep scrapping!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Running always :P

Hello beautiful peeps, i hope you are all keeping well and finding plenty of time to create :) Anyways today i am sharing the latest challenge over at Scrap Africa (and me flying true to form am late in sharing it with you). We would love to see you there :) so pop over ----------->here and give it a go. So this fortnight is a sketch, and it had me stumped for  little while. So here it is Sketch No. 21.....


I created a lovely page of my girls and i this year on Mothers Day. They sure made it pretty special for me. I love them to bits. So what better way than to scrap a beautiful page to remember it.

I even recycled some clothes tags and some scraps. Something i have decided to do alot more of but more of that next time. Take care xoxo.