Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October PPP

Good afternoon everyone where ever you are. I am back after a whole weekend of cleaning my scrap room.  I only managed to throw out one bag of rubbish. I found stuff that i forgot i had and have placed everything in a better spot so i can hopefully use it up and not forget about. I even had a read of some of my collection of old magazines and rotated them so i can read the ones at the bottom. It was enjoyable to read and see what was in style 8 years ago.

So with a fresh and clean room yesterday i sat and created. Now it is Halloween tomorrow, we in Australia don't celebrate it like in America although more and more people are catching on. I just love Halloween personally. I so badly wanted to create a Halloween style page so i found this photo of my youngest pretending to be a scary monster and using this months Prima Product Pick i made my page. I created my spiders web and pumpkins myself by experimenting with what i had on hand, trial and error but had alot of fun in doing so :) I pulled out my Cricut to cut out my scary trees and chopped up a few bits and pieces to create the vines of my pumpkins. I am so happy with the end result :) So here is my page, lots of rain here at the moment which is nice but not good for photographing but i have done my best :)

Here is this months PPP that i used, really love that black cat  :)
October prima pick
So thanks for stopping by i have one more day to finish all those pages i started for challenges, don't know if i will finish them or not. Next month is time to create all my Christmas decorations so i will do my best to post what i finish. Have a great day and keep scrapping :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Just a few shares!

Wow good morning fellow bloggers :) I hope you are all well and are having a lovely start to your weekend! I have a big one planned this weekend with spring cleaning, lol. I thought i would quickly share a few pages i have created before i rip my scrap room apart. I have decided to change a few things around just for a change and also to try and encourage myself to use it up. I stayed up late sorting ribbon and adding them to rings to hang up because sitting in jars i don't see them. This is something i should have done a long time ago but i knew how time consuming it was and kept putting it off. Due to the limited room i have now and the storing facilities i have, silly me threw alot out when i moved because i thought i would never use it :( , I have to reorganise it. I now know why people hoard because you never know when you may need that something!!!!

Okay so enough rambling onto some sharing. I created a page using the sketch over at Scraptherapy. A great sketch and i was so inspired by the grungy feel to it. I decided to create a page from when my second daughter was born. I love stepping past the traditional soft and girly pages for newborns :) I used some lovely Green Tara flowers and ribbon. Ribbon i hear you say, well the polka dot flower with the gorgeous Websters embelly in the centre is actually ribbon i transformed into a flower. I also cut my title from my Cricut. So here is my page...


The sketch i used...

I also wanted to share a page i created using the Kaisercraft Butterfly kisses. Such a sweet range i can't wait to create more with it :) Anyone want to reorganise my room for me, lol.
Okay so i have procrastinated long enough i must go, enjoy your weekend :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Color Room!

What is the goss??? Well i have been scrapping a fair bit but on the homefront we had our first snake of the season too and let me tell you it probably won't be our last. Luckily it was a non-venomous one but my God still a snake! We also harvested our first Zucchinis. I love to make Zucchini slice and the only thing that makes it better is homegrown Zucchinis. I also baked a Caramel Slice. We all need a change once and a while from the norm and it keeps it interesting so i am always learning new things to cook and bake, can you believe i have never made a Caramel slice until the other day!

Anyways last week i mentioned the changes The Color Room has made. I did manage to create with this weeks palette and tried to draw inspiration from the photo as well. I did struggle in getting stuff on my page this week and ended up with a reasonably simple page but i am happy with the overall page. Here is this weeks palette...

Here is my page i created, sorry for the poor photo but it is a little overcast here today so i tried to enhance it on my computer. 

Trying to stay focused and finish all my pages i start this year has been hard but only a few have slipped through the cracks. I get bored easily and if something doesn't work out i get a little cranky but i walk away and go and clean something, i know weird that cleaning actually gives me inner peace. So i am off to scrap some more and have a break, i have been in a P&C meeting all morning and you know how they can be some times!!!TFL!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Prima October BAP

Good evening all! I have had a relatively busy couple of days with last night helping at my daughters school with Science experiments and then after she got to have a sleep over. I was also persuaded to join the ladies in doing something called Jab Fitness, lol. Jab Fitness is a fitness regime with boxing incorporated into it, we will see how long it will last for!!!  We picked up our daughter the next day in which the excitement of the night before was short lived when we spent the morning trying to find our missing chicken, sadly it is no where to be found :( The kids are sad and i guess i kind of am too. My youngest keeps hoping it will just come back and it is hard explaining to her that it will not be coming back. So we went out for the day to take there mind off it and now they are watching Toy Story 2, so far we haven't had any questions in regards to the little chicken they so lovingly named Speckles. Tomorrow is a new day and i know in time(or persuasion of buying more chickens ;) )they will get over it.
Anyway so i just wanted to pop in and share my page i have created with this months Prima BAP. I used mostly the Romance Novel Collection.


Ok so as you can see i vaguely followed the sketch but i had so much fun creating it, all while watching that movie Along Came Polly.  Here is this months sketch.

Have a great evening see you soon :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

The Color Room Palette # 132

So wow what i surprise this morning when i went to check out the new palette, The Color Room has a new home and a new blog. You definately have to check it out here and here. So before i go and create with this weeks palette i just wanted to share last weeks palette.  I managed to have a play yesterday and finished in time to catch the afternoon sun to photograph my page. Excuse the carpet in the background but i wanted to show my page edges which i have just randomly border punched around. I used 2 Crafty chipboard, Crate paper, Green Tara and some other bits and bobs. My background is actually a white cardstock covered in Texture Paste in which i then preceded to use a scrunched piece of paper to dab all over it giving it a rough texture.

Here is the palette i worked with....

Palette#132 {Sun Room}
Thanks for stopping by i hope you have a great weekend :) I hopefully will be back to share some more. I have got scrapping on my agenda this weekend and nothing is going to get in my way, lol!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

CSI: Case File #40

Good Afternoon i hope you are all well! I thought i would pop in and share my page that i did over at CSI. I got Star Witness this week with it which was a huge surprise and honour. I just knew i wanted to create with the palette as soon as i saw it. It is such a bright happy palette and the testimony spoke to me as well, all perfect for a birthday page! I wanted my journaling to be the main focus as well as the photo so i kept the embellies to a minimum, which was very hard for me.
The evidence i have chosen to use is scallops(i have a small scalloped border sticker running up the side of the pattern paper), circular elements(i pressed some rolls in paint and stamped them around,doodled some circles and texture pasted some as well), i placed a banner under the flower and used some number 8's over the page.
The testimony i used was inspired from the birthday prompts, where i had to write a story about throwing a birthday party for someone. I chose my daughters 8th birthday, my journaling reads: "Everybody loves birthdays. It is the one day where it is all about you. You get spoilt by the ones you love. Every year my girls start out the day with breakfast of their choice and a brand new party dress. The day is theirs and theirs alone. My eldest celebrates her birthday during the school holidays which unfortunately at times has been hard to have a big shindig, which is a shame because she loves to have a heap of friends over. I however have always gone over the top with the cake, i am a little ambitious at times, searched high and low for the perfect presents and of course hunted for that beautiful dress. I love the looks on my girls' faces especially when they don't expect it and i love their grateful and appreciative hugs and kisses. Let me tell you it gets harder and harder to outdo "the best day ever" every year. But this year was a little different we had only just moved back to my hometown where alot of our family live so my eldest got to have two parties, kind of a birthday week. Having two cakes, blowing the candles out twice, cutting the cake twice, receiving pressies twice and to top it off being surrounded by a great big heap of family full of fun and happy times, Dakotah was an extremely happy little 8 year old girl."
So here is the case file i used.....

Here is the page i came up with....
That is it from me for now, i will be back over the next week to share a heap of pages i have been working on. Enjoy the rest of your day :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Color Room

Good morning all i hope your weekend is treating you well. I am just quickly popping in this morning to share my page that i created using The Color Rooms' palette #131. It is also featured this week so i would like to thank them for featuring my page as well :) I really have taken a fancy to creating with these lovely palettes as they always challenge me into trying new colour combos and offer a sketch as well. So without further adieu here is my page.

I created my page by flicking my page with paint, i used Kaisercraft Olive and Making Memories Poppy. When i flick paint i like to squeeze some in my hand and then flick my fingers, it gives a better splatting effect i feel but can make a mess so i head outside for it. Hands are lovely tools to use during art and i use them alot more than a paint brush. I then mixed some Kaisercraft Orange with texture paste and scrapped it through my Prima mask, once dry i scrapped plain texture paste through over the top. To give some more texture i preceded to wrap my page up with twine. Using my Cricut i cut the vines out and doodled on them. I used mostly paper from the Kaisercraft Save the Date paper pad, and embellies from Green Tara and Prima.
Here is the palette i used to create my page.
 Palette #131 {His Room} due Oct 12
I also was featured over at Prima for my page i did using their September PPP. Congrats to the winners and to everyone else who was featured. Prima is one of my fav brands to scrap with, i hope i get a chance to play along this month. So that is it from me for now. I do have a heap of pages i want to share with you but i will save it for another day. Thanks for dropping by :) I hope you all get some creating done :) 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just popping in!!

Hello lovelies just popping in to say hi. I have been busy, busy, busy and haven't had much time to scrap but after i am finished here i plan to get some scrapping done. We are still getting over the week that was. I have been working on a gift for my sister in laws' engagement party on the weekend which took up alot of my time because i wanted it to be absolutely perfect and in between that my baby turned a big five so i was juggling cake baking and party planning as well. Then throw in entertaining my littlest brother, not much you can do with a twenty year old who is always BORED!! Then back to school which we all took hard because the holidays were so much fun and we all got some much needed R&R that we didn't want to end. Pretty sure we are all secretly counting down the days to the Xmas holidays, lol.

Okay so here is my canvas i made for my sister in law and her delightful fiance'. The night was fun and my girls danced and danced and then sat in the photo booth for most of the night taking photos. I added lots and lots of layers of paints, texture paste, stamping, mists and inks before using my Cricut to cut out all the vines.

Just a few close ups. I used Green Tara and Prima flowers mostly.

Onto my birthday girl. We created a castle for her. We had lots of fun icing it and it was quite a delicious Butter Cake made from scratch because packet mix cakes tend to crumble too much, especially when sculpting cakes. She had a ball at the Harbour with her Cousins, Aunties, Uncles, Grandparents and even Great Grandparents. She was one spoilt little girl too. HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY my baby girl!!!!


Okay so that is it from me for now! TFL!!! I will be back hopefully to share my creations over the next few days. I have a super clean room waiting for me to mess up, lol. Have a great rest of your day :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

WW1 October Challenge!

Good morning all, i hope you have been well and not too busy to find some time to create. I seriously cannot believe it is October already. The year is just flying by and it has been one thing after another here in our neck of the woods. October is a special month for us because it is my youngests birthday. I cannot believe my baby will be five. WOW!  So much has been going on lately i have not been home for the past week and i am having withdrawals from scrapbooking and have been scrambling to get through the neglected housework. I have had one of my brothers down for a visit which has been great. I love how my siblings and i have a great bond that nobody can come between. We all rather look the same, talk the same and act the same. I also love that my kids love all of them the same and they all love them too. Makes me happy :) 
On a happy little note our little baby chickens are doing great, we managed to get 3 and the girls adore them all. They really are so cute and fluffy. So our little farm now stands at 1 dog, 2 Ducks, 5 Chickens, 1 Fish and 1 Cockatiel. 
So anyways onto business. Another month means a new challenge over at WW1. The CT have created some beauties which you should check out. This months challenge is....drumroll....


Just a few little close ups :)

After doing this i think i actually may like yellow :) I guess we all have our fav colours we scrap with but stepping out of our comfort zones can be quite rewarding. I managed to pull out my scraps for this and just cut out a heap of stars using my star stencil and my trusty scissors, i then like to distress the edges just to help conceal any not too straight edges :) I sprayed some Lemon Zest Dylusions Ink Spray, that stuff is truly awesome, and let it run out from the page on every side. I used the baby wipe on my page that i wiped up the excess with as well just for extra texture. I used an old chipboard alpha frame to scrape texture paste through, then the rest is history.
When i created this page i was thinking about how we all evolve as scrappers. I know people who said they would never enter the world of online scrapping, create a blog, add non conventional scrapping items on a page and you get the gist. Now all i see them doing are those things they said they would not do. I know i am guilty, i once said i would never ever put banners on my page but am now totally addicted to them. What have you said you would never do? Have you tried it? Did you like the result? 
Okay i am off now, if you get a chance to scrap why not give the WW1 challenge a go, We would love to see what you create. TFL!