Sunday, September 30, 2012

CSI/OUAS September Challenge # 3

Okay so for those of you who still don't know for the month of September CSI and OAUS have teamed up to create 4 challenges for the month. I finally found some time to squeeze in case no. 38 today.I really struggled with this case for some reason. I vaguely worked with the sketch and tried my best to keep with the palette. I was experimenting with a few things today and it just didn't work out as well as i thought it would but i pushed forward and finished it anyway. I think maybe the topic i was scrapping about as it is the first time i have really wrote about it. I guess we are all allowed a dud page every now and then????
The evidence i used to crack the case was branches, flowers, misting and woodgrain. For my testimony i used some of the inspiration words. I wanted this page to be about my everyday bond with my family which has grown stronger over the past year. The journaling, which is on a tag behind the photo reads, "Over the past year this family has endured a lot. My daughters have had to be a rock for me which has been extremely hard for me to come to terms with but i feel they have grown from it. At times they have had to call the Ambulance for me and had to let them in, all the while keeping an eye on their mother. They have been there with me in hospital unsure of what has happened and being kids who have seldom left my side it was hard for them to leave me in hospital for days at a time and even harder to have a mother who at times could not do things she normally would have done . This little family has endured hospital visit after hospital visit and copious amounts of doctors' visits and tests. After a while the novelty of seeing an Ambulance wore off. Although physically i endured it all they emotionally came along for the ride as well. It became a daily occurance that i was sick and together we dealt with it and i had to rely on everyone else to get through, one of the hardest things i have ever done. Together we have grown stronger and closer than ever before. I think we all thought there was going to be no end in sight. Although i am still not 100% i am better than i was a year ago. I have a new lease on life and i pray it only gets better from here on in." Here is my page and the case.

TFL! Hope you find some time to scrap i am off to start dinner and organise everything for tonight, it is movie night tonight :) Lots of chilling out, popcorn and hopefully a late night!!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy Monday!!!

Well it seems like an eternity since i was on here!! Firstly i would love to say thank you to all those who have left me lovely comments it really does make my day and i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Okay so what has been happening in my neck of the woods??? We will not be getting any ducklings this year as she kept knocking them out of her nest and the male also kept trying to get to her ,we think, and has also knocked a few out..... but on a happy note fingers crossed our chickens will hatch next week. We did have to help one into this world prematurely and i pray he/she survives. Due to the duck not having any eggs we decided to segregate her from the clucky chooks but she kept ramraiding the barricade and pushed one of the chickens eggs out and cracked the egg but he/she came out chirping and no egg sac attached so we think it will survive. Fingers crossed because we need some more layers. We actually brought these back from our weekend trip and i learnt something new, an egg can be fertilised and kept at room temp until you are ready to put it under a chicken and they will still incubate!!! Our puppy is doing well and he had his first visit to the vet last week and i have been cooking my own dog food as well!! Who knew that i was still a farm girl at heart, lol. I think this has been the best move i have ever made i cannot see myself ever moving back into the big smoke!! Although i may just make an appearance or two just to pop in and visit my local scrapbook store every now and then! I tell you i feared all the stores were closed down in Mackay but i found one and can you believe she has been there for 28 years!!!! I mean she does other stuff not just scrapbooking but it is one of those shops that just gives you warm fuzzys. Why i had not found her sooner i do not know but i am happy i have!!!

Okay so i think i have done enough chit chat time to share what i have been doing. I have been scrapping alot but today i wanted to share a page i did for the September Prima Product Pick. I really love working with Prima. So you can either work with the products and/or the palette. Hers is this months PPP...


Here is my page, a little warped from all the misting and other mediums i have used. I do not generally work well with such masculine palettes but i love how it turned out in the end.  

So i am off to scrap some more and hopefully i will be back sooner rather than later. TFL! 

Friday, September 21, 2012


Hello all, well here we are at the end of the week and the start of the school holidays!! I don't know who loves them more me or my daughter. I always enjoy the lazy mornings the most and i think she just loves being at home because she always feel s she is missing out. Anyway for the month of September OAUS and CSI have teamed up together to create their challenges. Here is this weeks case and sketch.  
I originally started out with a red piece of cardstock but using my Jo Sonja's Crackle i gave it a good coat. Now i learnt a few things is recommended to apply your top coat of paint within 6 hours of the crackle coat drying and i unfortunately forgot about it and woke up the next day and did it. It did still crackle but not as well as i would have liked but waste not want not i still used it. The other thing i learnt was to pick the colours wisely because the red has bled through to the white coat causing almost pink patches but luckily i grabbed my black Staz On ink and rubbed it all over my page helping to pick up the crackle effect and hide some of those pinkish blobby patches. The next step i flicked some glimmermist and added some alcohol ink. I really had fun creating this and trying to make it suit my sisters personality!! I turned the sketch on its side, i hope you can see that. Now to crack the case the evidence i have used is packaging ( here i have sewn an old kaisercraft rubon packet to create a pocket for my journaling i have found these to be awesome to use for memorabilia pockets as well. I have also used an old Bandaid box and some meshy stuff my girls cheese came in.), doodling( i doodled around my circles and also used a pre- doodled Rusty Pickle paper), lastly i used circles. For my testimony i used a song title, YOUNG HEARTS RUN FREE originally sung by Candi Staton but i know the Romeo and Juliet version by Kym Mazelle. This inspired me to write to my sister because i am always telling her to be young, be free. My journaling reads " Sometimes in a world where everyone is trying to make something of themselves you need to take a step back and find out what you want. Try to not be compromised by others. It can be so hard to be yourself and discover who you are and who you want to be when so many are telling you what you are doing is wrong. I love how you do what you want to do, regardless of what others think. I still remember the day you told me you got your nose pierced and told me it cost you $65. Thinking you had a small stud in the side of your nose like mine i was a bit taken aback by the pricing.. and then you sent me the photo. Your nieces thought it was funny and it took me a bit to get use to but now i couldn't see you without it. I wish you all the best in your future but for now be free, enjoy your youth and do those spontaneous crazy things teenagers do! Live a life without regrets! Ultimately you have to live with your decisions for the rest of your life and nobody has any right to tell you what you are doing is wrong. I love you with all my heart and soul, mwah your big sister!!"


Just a little close up to see the journaling in the sewn on pocket and a few of the other layers.

So TFL!!! I just wanted to thank everyone for their comments as well. It really does make my day hearing what you think of my pages and i do try to get to your blogs as well!! Hope you find some time to scrap on the weekend. Have a great day :)

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Hello i just wanted to pop by today and share with you the page i created with this weeks palette over at The Color Room. I continue finding myself being pushed to the limits sometimes with these palettes because of the colours used in them. I pretty much tend to say every week how much trouble i have with the palettes mostly because they are colours i would generally never use and they take me way out of my comfort zones, which is what they are meant to do, but i am glad because now my albums will have more pages that just aren't pinks and purples :p I actually am devising a little plan of action these days to overcome the challenge and to use up my scraps, as well as push me a little further than what i would normally go. I start by printing out the weeks palette and then forage through my stash to find items that go with the weeks chosen colours, regardless of whether they end up making it on my page or not. Think of it as making myself up a kit. Then i will chose a photo that will go and which ultimately will decide which embellishments will go and which will stay.  This week i decided to cut off the scallop border of a Making Memories die cut paper that has been in my stash for a long time and i used a pizza box that was on my desk for the background. My background actually was meant to be different but it didn't look right so in the end i scraped it over with some texture paste and flicked some Glimmermist on then ran my chalks over it as well. I must admit this is the first time i have pulled out my chalks in a long time so it was good to continue the use it up approach!! I decided to scrap a photo of one of my sisters and i. I just wanted to create a page about our sisterly bond and how much i do love her and although we are quite similar she is has her own wonderful uniqueness that i wouldn't change for all the tea in China!!!


This weeks palette.....

Okay so that is it from me for now I am off to enjoy the rest of my day!! TFL! 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kraft It Up September Challenge!!

Just a quick post today to say hi and share my page i did last night. It has been awhile since i last played along at Kraft It Up. When i saw this months challenge i just wanted to give it a go mainly because the colour scheme just screams boy and since i don't have boys i wanted a challenge. It was a great opportunity to scrap those non-girly photos i have and use some of those boyish papers i continue to buy. I used scraps that i have had in my stash for a few years. I wanted to create a grungy style outdoors kind of page. I had originally matted both photos together but i just couldn't make it work and decided to rip it in half in the end. Lots of paint splattering, misting and distressing. I love how my girls can be so girly-girl and yet can be the biggest Tomboys. Thanks for the challenge KIU!!

Here is this months challenge.

Friday, September 14, 2012

CSI Case # 35 and #36

I have only just finished this weeks case for over at CSI and realised i also hadn't shared last weeks case over here either. I am still using up those buttons i got in a kit i bought last month. I haven't even made a dent in it and i have been using so many. I really enjoyed this case and had so much fun creating it. Inspired from the randomness of the testimony it turned out quite random.

Just for something special as well CSI is teaming up with OUAS so you get a sketch to go along with the case as well. I really loved this weeks case although it is definitely not a palette i would use on a day to day basis. I used Prima, some Green Tara and a few other bits and bobs. I used my chook wire chipboard  from 2 Crafty and stippled paint on my page. I then cut it up and added it around my page. The evidence i used were letters as embellishments, leaves, misting, and i tried to scatter elements across the page. For my testimony i chose to journal in the form of a letter which i placed on a tag tucked under in the bottom right hand corner. My journaling reads..."To my dear baby girl, this is it our last year hanging out before you start school. I am going to miss having you around all day! I am going to miss our lunch dates, craft time with you and all the other stuff we get to do. But the thing i am going to miss the most is my little baby. You are growing up way to fast! But i am proud of who you are becoming and i know you will have so much! <3 Mummy"


Hope you have a great rest of the day :) TFL!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Thursday!!!

Hi guys hope everyone is doing fine and scrapping lots! Just popping by today to share a few pages that i have done with the last two palettes over at The Color Room. I haven't been around as much as i would like to lately but we have been trying to get out of the house most weekends so that means no scrapping :(  and during the week is just one thing after another trying to juggle kids, housework, study, and looking after pets. Speaking of which fingers crossed over the next few weeks we will have some new baby chickens and ducklings. Plus our puppy is really a handful at times!! I just want to share a few photos i took this weekend when we went camping. In 30 years i have watched the sun come up a few times but for some reason this time it was magical. We really did have a wonderful 4 days camping getting back to nature, it is something everyone needs to do i think. Even someone as OCD like me really just kicked back and let go. The last photo is my fav because i have the silhouette of my girls in it. ENJOY!!!

So onto the sharing now! Palette #126 was a palette that screamed "SWEET" to me. I found a photo of my daughter when she was about 4, she was standing there with something in her mouth beside someone else. I thought she looked "SWEET" so i scanned and cropped the photo to just her and printed it in black and white. Flying true to form i have created a page where i have chosen to stick before i think. I didn't know how this page was going to turn out but i just kept adding until i was happy with the end result. I love the colour scheme. I have used something similar once or twice in the past. I have made this page using mostly scraps and bits and pieces i have on my desk. I started out with my background paper i then scrumpled it and added Glimmermist and wiped this over the page with a baby wipe filling in the exposed white bits. I then preceded to stick the word sweet all over my page using up old alphabets i even dyed some of the flowers so they were pink. The lavender i have stuck on my page is something i had only just purchased from a cheap store recently and thought they would look great.

Palette #126 {Her Room}  Due before Sept 7
Next is this weeks palette. It really was a tricky one. I was going through all my stash looking and then i found my black/white chevron tape. I layered this all over a piece of white background. I cropped the photo down to cut some horrible background out and then just preceded to layer and add and expand. At one stage it was looking like i was going to have another page with alot of white space but i just kept adding and adding. I am still using those buttons up and can you believe i haven't even put a dent in the packet, lol. I get a little OCD when placing my buttons and they have to all face the same way and i can't seem to break this habit. I opted not to sew them this time because of the few i have used that don't have holes. The photo is only 4 out of the 5 of us. Unfortunately there is always one of us missing because we are all scattered over Australia. I do miss my siblings but we are only just a phone call away and despite the age gaps between us we are all quite close.  

Palette #127 {His Room}  Due before Sept 14th
So that is it from me today off to do a little housework, figure out my meals for the next few weeks to compose a shopping list and scrap some more later i hope! TFL have a wondeful day :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WW1 September Challenge is up!

Ok so my little weekend trip away has me running behind schedule. So without any more delay i thought i would share my CT page for WW1 for the month of September. The challenge for September is...............


 I had so much fun with this which surprised me because it was using orange! I started my page with the paint swirls and alcohol ink splats. I also had a few book page flowers i had made the other month and just gave them a good soaking in Glimmermist before using them on my page. After that the page just came together quite quickly and has quite a lot of layers to it. Who knew orange could be so pretty!


 To check out what the other CT members have done and to meet this months Guest Designer pop over here. Hope to see your layouts! TFL! Until next time keep scrapping! :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Hello everyone i hope you are all well. I am having some serious withdrawals from scrapping and blogging and i have been trying to catch up and see what i have missed. It is amazing i have only been gone nearly a week and my reading list is brimming with so much. Firstly, as promised i have some photos of our newest member of our family. He has been welcomed into a family with so much love and he truly is a good little puppy. I believe every child should experience the joys of having a pet, they teach children so much for so little. We finally even settled on a name and everything. Our little puppy hails all the way from down near Bundaburg on a farm called Windy Ridge so we have decided to call him Ridge. The road trip was the best as always, the kids love visiting friends and family along the way. We had a glorious few days of farm life as well. The kids always love just getting down and dirty helping Nana with her horses, riding the four wheeler through the paddocks and catching lizards to name a few things. I love having a break from the real world as well but i tell you getting back to the norm today was a little hard. So here is a few pics of our awesome weekend away and some photos of our little puppy.
Road Trip to Bundaberg

Catching Lizards

Getting ready to ride