Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Hello everyone i hope you are all well. I am having some serious withdrawals from scrapping and blogging and i have been trying to catch up and see what i have missed. It is amazing i have only been gone nearly a week and my reading list is brimming with so much. Firstly, as promised i have some photos of our newest member of our family. He has been welcomed into a family with so much love and he truly is a good little puppy. I believe every child should experience the joys of having a pet, they teach children so much for so little. We finally even settled on a name and everything. Our little puppy hails all the way from down near Bundaburg on a farm called Windy Ridge so we have decided to call him Ridge. The road trip was the best as always, the kids love visiting friends and family along the way. We had a glorious few days of farm life as well. The kids always love just getting down and dirty helping Nana with her horses, riding the four wheeler through the paddocks and catching lizards to name a few things. I love having a break from the real world as well but i tell you getting back to the norm today was a little hard. So here is a few pics of our awesome weekend away and some photos of our little puppy.
Road Trip to Bundaberg

Catching Lizards

Getting ready to ride





Unknown said...

Awwwwww what an adorable little face, he is a gem!!
Man, I don't know about catching lizards hahaha..she is so brave!

Tamika said...

Photos are always a good start often leads to scrapping!