Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Thursday!!!

Hi guys hope everyone is doing fine and scrapping lots! Just popping by today to share a few pages that i have done with the last two palettes over at The Color Room. I haven't been around as much as i would like to lately but we have been trying to get out of the house most weekends so that means no scrapping :(  and during the week is just one thing after another trying to juggle kids, housework, study, and looking after pets. Speaking of which fingers crossed over the next few weeks we will have some new baby chickens and ducklings. Plus our puppy is really a handful at times!! I just want to share a few photos i took this weekend when we went camping. In 30 years i have watched the sun come up a few times but for some reason this time it was magical. We really did have a wonderful 4 days camping getting back to nature, it is something everyone needs to do i think. Even someone as OCD like me really just kicked back and let go. The last photo is my fav because i have the silhouette of my girls in it. ENJOY!!!

So onto the sharing now! Palette #126 was a palette that screamed "SWEET" to me. I found a photo of my daughter when she was about 4, she was standing there with something in her mouth beside someone else. I thought she looked "SWEET" so i scanned and cropped the photo to just her and printed it in black and white. Flying true to form i have created a page where i have chosen to stick before i think. I didn't know how this page was going to turn out but i just kept adding until i was happy with the end result. I love the colour scheme. I have used something similar once or twice in the past. I have made this page using mostly scraps and bits and pieces i have on my desk. I started out with my background paper i then scrumpled it and added Glimmermist and wiped this over the page with a baby wipe filling in the exposed white bits. I then preceded to stick the word sweet all over my page using up old alphabets i even dyed some of the flowers so they were pink. The lavender i have stuck on my page is something i had only just purchased from a cheap store recently and thought they would look great.

Palette #126 {Her Room}  Due before Sept 7
Next is this weeks palette. It really was a tricky one. I was going through all my stash looking and then i found my black/white chevron tape. I layered this all over a piece of white background. I cropped the photo down to cut some horrible background out and then just preceded to layer and add and expand. At one stage it was looking like i was going to have another page with alot of white space but i just kept adding and adding. I am still using those buttons up and can you believe i haven't even put a dent in the packet, lol. I get a little OCD when placing my buttons and they have to all face the same way and i can't seem to break this habit. I opted not to sew them this time because of the few i have used that don't have holes. The photo is only 4 out of the 5 of us. Unfortunately there is always one of us missing because we are all scattered over Australia. I do miss my siblings but we are only just a phone call away and despite the age gaps between us we are all quite close.  

Palette #127 {His Room}  Due before Sept 14th
So that is it from me today off to do a little housework, figure out my meals for the next few weeks to compose a shopping list and scrap some more later i hope! TFL have a wondeful day :)

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