Friday, March 30, 2012

What a glorious day!!!

Today as i blog away my four year old is propped behind me playing with my hair and reciting "There once was a little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead, when she was good she was very very good but when she was bad she was horrid!" I love this as it definitely describes my darling hence why i sing it to her alot. Anyway today i want to share a page i did for Daring You To Scrap. It was to create a page using old school photos such as polaroids or photostrips. As soon as i saw it i knew what i wanted to do. We own a polaroid camera but unfortunately no longer have any film for it but i still have the photos. I managed to sneak one from my daughters supply but had to try and salvage it a little as she had doodled around the frame in a lovely red texta lol. I drew a bit of inspiration from a few different things i saw as i blog hopped yesterday and came up with this page.

Just a few little close ups,still learning here!!

I used a little bit of Prima and bit of Kaisercraft as well as some other bits and bobs. I am actually still in use it up mode but for every one thing i use up i tend to buy two more in its place. But i was convincing myself this morning as i finished off my page that it is great i have a great big stash because every time i go hunting for something i always find so many treasures ,it is almost like Christmas,lol. Anyway i hope you enjoy and until next time keep scrapping and Blessed Be!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Another challenge!

I have been at it again,  another challenge. I have been on the hunt for some challenge blogs and guess what they keep popping up all over the place but i found one called Child's Play challenges and i found this quite entertaining and inspiring. So i think i may only get one of their challenges done this month as i only just stumbled across their blog the other day but never mind. I am actually enjoying scrapbooking again and am constantly being bombarded by some wonderful ideas, well what i think are wonderful anyway. I have been scrapping for a while now and at one point i honestly did not think i would continue but i am not sure how much was actually from being miserable with everything that was going on in my life and constantly being around negative and critical people and how much was my actual distaste for what i was creating. Anyway those feelings are long gone and i only surround myself with happy and encouraging people and i think this shows in my scrapping. Anyway the challenge i decided to complete was to use Playdough to inspire you. I found it quite easy as i have a million photos of my children playing with Playdough because i believe it is a wonderful creation. My children have been playing with Playdough since they were little. It opens their minds to an endless amount of creativity and i enjoy seeing what they create. I believe all children need that time to create and i am never too busy to encourage my little darlings. For the page i pulled out the girls cookie cutters and laid them out on the page and sprayed with some Glimmermist. It is a little simplistic but i did enjoy creating it. Anyway so here is what i created....

Thanks for looking and keep scrapping.

Challenge for Show Us Your Stuff!

 Almost didn't think i would get this one done what with so much going on around me but for a brief second i pushed everything from my mind and decided to get a layout done. It took a while to gel it all together, i think because the background is so full on. The inspiration for the layout was a visual one

I immediately thought of my daughters first birthday when i did a chocolate cake and covered it with sprinkles, way back when i could get away with simple cakes. She loved it and that is all that matters. I used a lid off my Cranberry juice bottle and smeared it into some paint and then stamped all over the page, this was to kind of represent the sprinkles, and from then on it was a matter of carefully picking embellishments that would go OK with it. So here is what i came up with.

This is just a little close up of my little Sassafras feltie owl, just love my owls!!

Anyway hope you enjoy and thanks for looking!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Scrap For Help Challenge

Here is a page i have been working on for a week now just fine tuning it. It is for Scrap for Help where the challenge was to use cardboard on your page. I scrapped this of my daughter who is now 8. As soon as i saw the photo it reminded me of when she was 3. She was so cute and adorable with a slice of cheeky. She is no longer cute and adorable with a slice of cheeky but beautiful and unique with a slice of attitude,lol. Oh how they grow up so quickly! So here is my page.............

At 3 years i remember you

Kaisercraft Sketch #4 challenge.

Another sketch challenge done this time using my stash of Bubblegum Hills range. I struggled with this page because nothing seemed to work where i wanted it to go. This is a reason i don't do sketches very often but i wanted to challenge myself so i carried on. I walked away a lot and tried to think of what i could do and at one stage when i was cutting my paper up for quilling and started to quill my 4 year old was balanced on my knee. I think what is the biggest challenge is i have used mostly the plain sides of the paper and i am more a pattern kind of girl. This said i am happy with the end result. Such a precious photo of my youngest when she used to suck her hand,a lot!!  So here is the sketch i used

And here is what i came up with...............

I had lots of fun attempting to quill and kindy glitzing the flowers. I still have lots of Bubblegum Hills paper to do my Easter pages as well. I do adore this range immensely. Anyway i am going to mosey on off and try and create a little more so until next time keep scrapping!!!

Kaisercraft Challenge!!

If you ask me what product i have the most of i would probably say Kaisercraft. Without fail i buy the ranges every time they come out. Start with the paper and then the embellishments and the 6x6 pads and before you know it am a happy little camper with an armful of fantastic products. However my spendings out way my creations and so i have ranges sitting there barely touched so with this on board i have decided to give their sketches a go and use up some of my stash. So here is my  first ever sketch done for Kaiser. I used the March #2 sketch which was ..............

So this is what i created using the Party Animals Range.................

Instead of using two photos i used one and a journal block, i used equal amount of papers and added a few extras. Over all i had fun and am just so happy i managed to use some of my stash up!!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Unfinished business!!

I also managed to finish off a page i have had sitting there for a little bit. I just kept adding this and that and it was just a page that required me to leave it alone for awhile. So this is a page just because i felt like scrapping,no challenges.
Guess what i also used up scraps to complete it as well. My aim this year is to try and use up my massive pile of scraps and some old paper that i have had in my stash for a long time. I am absolutely happy with this page especially my punched out flowers i made. I have just one more page i want to share for now and i love this one too. The other week i mentioned i did two pages for the Get Picky challenge because my first didn't have two photos lol. So here is the first page i created...........

Keeping up with trying to use old stash i used some October Afternoon i have had for awhile and not to mention the big pile of alphabet stickers i have from Basic Grey. This page is special because it is of my eldest sleeping. I unfortunately was never blessed with sleepers so i took alot of photos and made a big deal when they did sleep. Anyway that is it from me right now remember keep scrapping and Blessed Be!!

A Challenge for AFSC

I have this morning managed a few things, although i have a million other things to do that probably should take priority but scrapping is more fun. I also managed to run out and vote too, which is not on my top list of fun things ,lol, but it is better than getting a fine!!! So i managed to finish my second ever challenge for over at another freaking scrappy challenge thanks to the DT for some fabulous inspiration. I managed to find a photo of my brother and i when there was just the two of us, i am the eldest of 5. we were like peas and carrots, one in all in kinda kids. I do miss those days as we grow older times change and we move apart but anyway it was good reminiscing for that moment. So the challenge was to use the sketch as well as to scrap an Easter memory from our hey days and to use spring colours. Here is the sketch.............

I actually turned it upside down and added just a few bits and pieces. So here is what i came up with...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

123 Challenge for March

So i am back but as the night draws to an end i unfortunately have not finished everything i wanted to but there is always tomorrow. I did however manage to finish the challenge for March over at 123 Challenge. The challenge was to use the colour Metallic Blue, the word 1,2,3 and to use something organic. I am lucky i had some Glimmermist ,some Metallic thread( which is on the tag) and there are some Metallic beads thrown in. My organic was the shells and coral collected by my girls at our local beach. I once again incorporated the hidden journal tag behind my photos. The beads are also representing sand. So now for the reveal............................
1 Slip 2 Slop 3 Slap and eat some sand

So that is it from me until another day! Keep scrapping and Blessed Be!

Some sunshine and some scrapping!!!

Today i was woken by my 4 year olds chitter chatter and "oh mummy the sun is shining!" Unfortunately my alarm had not gone off yet but i guess she never let's it have a chance. She is my early bird, the one who reminds me that if I have a late night I will pay for it the next day. Pay i do since i have given up my coffee. Today i definitely have been trying to have my cake and eat it too dashing around getting washing done, changing the sheets and airing out my house. It feels like it has been raining forever. As much as i love the rain i don't like it trying to force its way into my house. Not to mention the children go crazy when they are cooped up for too long. So as i said  i have been trying to have my cake and eat it too because not only have  i been cleaning i have also finished another maths assignment which was a bit yuck-it was all about Exponents and i am really glad it is over!!!!! I have also sat to finish some of my projects i have started. I have really been sticking to my New Years Resolution lately and have been finishing each and every project i have started so there have been no unfinished projects added to my already monstrous pile. So now for some shares.First up my BAP for over at Prima. I love Prima it is so girly and pretty much everything i am not lol but i do love working with it. So first the sketch
2012 March2
Now this is what i came up with using the Romantique collection papers and chipboard stickers as well as some sewing,(really warming up to my sewing machine and i know i need to practice more but i still have fun.)

Another page for Kraft It Up! I literally put my blood, sweat and tears into this page lol. How you ask ? The flamin' staples! I have an old stapler so to put them on the page i have to open it up and staple onto my foam pad and then close them up. Normally fine but today, no, the staple went straight through my finger!! Anyway the requirements for this challenge were

1 Piece of Kraft Cardstock or Patterned Paper
2 Photos of any size
A 3 word title
4 different pieces of patterned paper and
5 different embellishments

So this is what i came up with

I included a hidden tag hidden behind my photo as i have made a vow to do more journalling. When i first started scrapping i journalled every last detail of the photo and as time has progressed i have gotten lazy and mainly put the date but that is it. So  for my criteria i used the Kraft for the base; i used paper from October Afternoon, Kaiser and Pinkpaislee ; my embellishments were doilies(i used two a big white square one and a small crochet one),ribbon (i also included the fibre as a form of ribbon),the journal tag, staples and the little sticker on the photo. I managed to get some alcohol inks to drip down the page to represent the icy pole dripping. I also doodled the title which was hard to do, note to self to never doodle foam again! as well as put some dimensional magic on it(hello old friend it has been awile). So page complete and over all i am happy with it. Now i am off to finish some more challenges and pages to hopefully share tonight. Until then have fun scrapping!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Show Us Your Stuff Challenge

What a wonderfully productive weekend, although it ended to soon and i had to say hello to Monday. Monday for me means early mornings, school, daycare, study and a late dinner. But on the weekend i managed to scrap a little some not quite finished but i am working on them. But i did manage to finish the challenge over at Show Us Your Stuff. Doing these challenges definitely keep me going and i love all the feedback i receive. There are just so many wonderfully talented scrappers all around the world and i enjoy being able to look at the inspiring layouts. Anyway to share what i did first i must share the inspiration .................

And this is what i did

I went mostly with the colour because i wanted it to depict me as a person. The colours are my personality loud and bright lol. I also scrapped me which is a rare occurrence but as i turn 30 this year i wanted to do a page that celebrates the last little bit of my 20's. Until next time Blessed Be!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Challenge

I received a lovely comment from Anne Pennington from over at another freaking scrappy challenge and was curious to see what it was all about. I found a fantastic blog encouraging you to scrap about yourself. I find this divine as i rarely scrap myself i am always scrapping my little darlings. I decided to do the 1st of March challenge which was to scrap a memory of spring break or another break. I found this easy as we were always going away for the school holidays because being an Army brat we were always moving and lived away from our families. I chose to scrap when we went and visited nana. My Nana is truly a wonderful unique Nana still intact with her glorious Scottish accent. I tried to keep to the colours of the photo and bring out a Nana feel So here is what i created,hope you enjoy!

This is what i started with, using up all those journaling blocks i have

Visiting Nana

Time for a little scrap!!

I have a little time today to sit and scrap and experiment and just enjoy the joys of creating. It has been raining here which is good but it is also a little annoying after a while when the washing piles up, trying hard to not use my dryer and save on the old power bill! I will get by and i wish this was my only problem with the world, sadly it is not. Unexpected turn of events saw me off to the doctors yet again hmm i wonder if they will ever get it right???? But i am happy to still be here and life could be worse i guess. Anyways enough chit chat time to share a page. I stumbled across a blog called Sassy Scrapper and decided to do their sketch, really don't think i am too good at the sketches but oh well it still was fun.So here is the sketch

And this is what i have done with it

What IsThat All About?

My favourite part was creating the banner and using the Basic Grey paper i have had in my stash for a while.Until next time Blessed Be and have fun scrapping!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

White with 1 Challenge

It has taken alot of time composing this page with all the individual stitching of the circles on the machine and then the hand stitching as well. I Really love this page as it is definately not a colour scheme i would generally use. So the challenge was to use white + kraft + layering. Here is what i did.

Doing a Sketch!!

I have been umming and ahhing about this page for a week now and i think it is because i don't work well with sketches but i thought i would give it a go and i am happy with how it all came together in the end. So the sketch i used was Sketch #66 from over at Sketchabilities and this is the sketch

This is my interpretation

As you can see i did it my way with a Prima mask used instead of a circle and all the other bits and bobs. So that is it for now i hope to add some more later but i have to go and make my daughter some playdough!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bird Is The Word Challenge

Well what a week so far talk about stress! Who decided that alphabets and numbers should go hand in hand? Yes i am talking about Algebra but at least i understand it better than i ever did in high school. Anyways so i decided to de-stress a little by doing another challenge ,and boy was it a challenge. For some reason nothing i did worked so i ripped and pulled bits off and came up with this layout for using the word "DISCOVER". Originally i had a frame around the whole page but it didn't work so i ripped out the middle and stuck it on white. I added paint,some machine stitching and some hand Stitching and a great big title not to mention my doodling of my painted scroll. I love how it turned out compared to how it started. My last challenge was finding the date of the photo thank God for my previous labelling and printing of index prints with my burnt CD's or i would have no idea for this photo was taken over 4 years ago. Miss this baby but i love this little girl!!!Anyways until my next posting Blessed be!!! Keep scrapping i know i will!!!

Oh the things you will discover when you grow up

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Bird Is The Word challenge!

Here i am back again with another challenge.That is all i seem to do lately but at least i am scrapping in between juggling everything else and i am enjoying it immensely! So with only 4 days left i did the challenge using the word HEART.This is what i created:

King of My Heart

Now those who know me know i do not use sewing machines but i was given this sewing machine by my mother in law and seriously have never used it or even know how to use it but i can do anything i put my mind to and was quickly whizzing around the page. Once again i used paint, alcohol inks, some twine and a heap of old chipboard letters. Something different for me was the colour scheme but i bought a kit the other day with the romantique vampire theme happening so i thought i had better start using it.Enjoy!

Get Picky February Inspiration Challenge #17

So it is 9 O'clock and all the housework is done so i have nothing else to do but scrap. I popped on over to Get Picky and decided to do their challenge. I actually did two pages! Why do you ask?Well me being me i forgot to put more than one photo on my first page so i had to delve back into my stash and make another page. So this is the inspiration;

And this is the page i created of my daughter when she was a baby.

I used a variety of techniques with Glimmermist for the background, followed by some bubble wrap and some random alphabet stamping. I also created some journal lines with white paint and cardboard. I also got to use a few items i have had in my stash for a good couple of years lol!
Until next time Blessed Be!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Scrap The Girls March Challenge

So i have decided to do another challenge for Scrap The Girls. This months challenge was :


What did i choose? I chose my daughters third birthday because it was one that meant alot too me beacause of the effort i went to with the cake. It is made of four cakes and a hell of alot of icing. She absolutely adored it.

So i used the Diecut paper from the Kaisercraft Madame Boutique range and threaded a metre of ribbon through the holes added some flowers and began to layer stuff.I also included her actual candles on the page as a keepsake. Guess what i also did those Banners again...hmmm i think i have started to like them.

 Here are a few close ups

 I hope you have enjoyed looking Until my next post Blessed Be!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Challenge # 32 for Let's get shabby

I decided to do the challenge over at LGS which was 'Strawberries and Hearts'. Such a beautiful concept but finding strawberries for me was tricky but i delved into my stash and found my paper covered with them from Jillibean Soup, such a beautiful piece of paper too and such a shame to cut up. I had a piece of cardboard sitting near my desk and decided to recycle it, definitely a first for me! I found this previously unscrapped photo of my youngest daughter, she is so adorable! I had a ball painting, stitching, scrunching, sanding and layering. Definitely will do another challenge from LGS.

Murphy's Law, while working on my next challenge i discovered some more strawberries lol. Maybe they could be used for next time! Anyway until next time off to do some more scrapping and do some more challenges! Blessed Be!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Another Challenge bites the dust!!

So i have done another challenge but this time for Show Us Your Stuff! Another first time post here and i think i will continue to do these challenges as they are quite the mojo kick starters. So the challenge was as follows:

Use at least 3 pieces of patterned paper
Use 3 embellishments
Use at least 1 heart
Use some paint somewhere on your layout!

And what did i come up with .................

I used more than three pattern papers, my embellishments were the thread,buttons and the doily, i used 5 hearts and the paint was on the background with a smear of pink and some black paint on bubble wrap(which i still am a major fan of doing). I had alot of fun doodling the hearts and title and also sticking the thread down with glue as i had no matching staples left :( but i still love it.