Friday, March 16, 2012

Time for a little scrap!!

I have a little time today to sit and scrap and experiment and just enjoy the joys of creating. It has been raining here which is good but it is also a little annoying after a while when the washing piles up, trying hard to not use my dryer and save on the old power bill! I will get by and i wish this was my only problem with the world, sadly it is not. Unexpected turn of events saw me off to the doctors yet again hmm i wonder if they will ever get it right???? But i am happy to still be here and life could be worse i guess. Anyways enough chit chat time to share a page. I stumbled across a blog called Sassy Scrapper and decided to do their sketch, really don't think i am too good at the sketches but oh well it still was fun.So here is the sketch

And this is what i have done with it

What IsThat All About?

My favourite part was creating the banner and using the Basic Grey paper i have had in my stash for a while.Until next time Blessed Be and have fun scrapping!

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