Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So things have been a little hectic personally lately but i am trying to find that happy medium. Great news my Nana turned 80 the other day!!! I love her to pieces,she always knows what to say to make me feel better.Once again computer problems which really makes me despise technology soooo much. Doing well on the home front and my girls never cease to amaze me, warts and all i am so lucky to have two perfect children so smart,happy,healthy and i know they will be very strong young women.I just hope they don't whittle themselves away to conform to what other people want.So i have been trying to scrap and using my Cricut alot.I cut alot of letters and numbers out to plaster all over Moos wall and am working on a Babushka doll Canvas for Cody.I have found a truly remarkable blog of a lady in the USA and i must say her work is inspiring .So with this said i will share 3 pages i have done on the weekend.My favourite would be the first one and the Peppa Pig one was purely fun.

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