Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Anzac Day 2012

Today i would like to share something that we celebrated today that is dear to my heart, Anzac Day! Today is the ninety-seventh anniversary of those Sailors, Soldiers, Airmen and Nursing Sisters of Australia and New Zealand who fought for our freedom. I come from a long line of soldiers with my great grandfather and grandfather once serving, and my father and brother who are both currently serving in the Armed Forces. I am immensely proud of those gone and those still here with us today. My Great Grandfather and Grandfather served in some of the most fierce and intense warfare and my father has served two tours and my brother has only just recently returned from Afghanistan. Please note in no way do i say this to brag but to pay respect to them and because they put their lives on the line. Everyday they spent away my family and i prayed for their safe arrival home and fortunately for us they did, as many have not. So today we went to two services to pay our respects. One which was for my daughters school which saw us up early to attend and then one a couple of hours later where the extended Wills clan proudly marched through the streets of Calen. I know my Grandfather was extremely proud to see his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren march down the main street. So i would like to share a few photos from today. It was a long and eventful day with us only getting home later this afternoon. Lest We Forget!

My daughter getting ready to March for her school

My Par

My Par the Parade Commander

My girl and her Dad

My eldest sharing her Anzac spirit

Three Generations

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