Monday, March 11, 2013

CSI Case # 62 - "The Gambler Is Your Song"

 Let me firstly say sorry for the bad photo, it is a little glary. The weather here in Queensland is a little blah to say the least. It has pretty much been raining non stop for a few weeks now and i am forgetting what the sun looks like, lol. Anyway i hope everyone keeps safe :)

So onto my page :) Wow this was a little tricky, thanks Debbi! I almost couldn't find the colours :) But i persevered!!! It is also my second page as Special Investigator for March :) Ok so from the title no my daughter does not have a gambling problem, lol! This is the song my partner use to sing to her at bedtime. Singing to my girls is something we have always done and not just the conventional nursery rhymes either. I believe music is something every kid should experience from as young an age as possible, i have always rambled off songs to them whether they be real or made up. The kids have always loved my nonsical approach to everything. Making up songs is something i have always done and often they are poetical in form and quite silly to say the least. Maybe when they are older they may not find them funny any more but while they still smile i will continue to do it!

So for my page i have used the colours, as best as i could, and from the evidence i have only used wood and circles although i do believe leaves is coming close to being labelled as plants, yes ?  The journaling had me stumped for awhile but i kept it short and sweet in the end. I chose to document about the Kenny Rogers' "The Gambler"  song and preserve a memory from my daughters childhood :) Oh and this week the fabulous Em Starface has supplied a sketch. I have vaguely worked with it :)

So here is this weeks case..............

Without further adeiu here is my page....

I hope you have a great week and i will stop by again soon :) 


Adriana B said...

Fabulous page :)

zenevak said...

Gorgeous layout! Love your use of the colours.
(PS: Have also linked back to your blog regarding the Leibster Award) Thankyou again!

Denise van Deventer said...

Such a sweet and vibrant page! Love the paper choices, beautiful accents and the sweet, sweet photo's! Gorgeous work! ;-)