Sunday, November 9, 2014

Scrappy Canary challenge # 2

Wow last page to share for the Scrappy Canary Cyber Crop. I am so happy with all six of my pages! This last one really kept me on my toes and i almost didn't finish it but it is something i really wanted to get down as it was a major part of my childhood that i wanted my girls to know.This challenge is one i could do again and again though because i only did one row. I chose arrows, a dark background and a journalling card. I wish i used more cards too from my ever expanding collection of journaling cards :0
So here is my last completed page yay!!!! I wonder how many of you have met my friend Fred??

So my lovelies that is all i have to share this weekend. I have so much more to scrap and such little time. May you always find time to create :) Blessed be!


chilli pip said...

Love the colours on this layout . I would never have guessed that they would work so well together but they contrast beautifully

Lizzyc said...

Yab-ba-dab-a-doo!! I used to love watching the flintstones!! favourite show for sure!! Your layout looks wonderful.. love the photo.. special memories indeed!