Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

Wow life has been going along quite quickly it seems! I have enjoyed it immensely. My life has consisted of moving, getting better,  cooking, cleaning, baking, creating and spending time with my beloved family. We are living it seems our very own sea change, except no sea we have country! We are blessed to raise chickens and ducks and grow our own veggies. Life could not be better.... except i would really like a pig!!!! So it has been a hectic life but a good life especially with the lead up to Christmas. I made presents for family but unfortunately forgot to take the after photos lol! The girls and i made some Christmas decorations and we also made our own Bonbons because i am sick of having crap in our Bonbons. They are always filled with bad jokes, crappy gifts and the dreaded hat that fits nobody! So on top of this my little sister has come to visit, i really do dread when my children turn into teenagers!!! She has opened my world into the world of Tumblr, now i am not impressed with most stuff posted but some of the pictures are amazing and some of the sayings! I may just tumblr- ise my blog. Anyways enough blogging now for some sharing. I have been scrapping away experimenting and ripping, inking, Glimmermisting and layering. I am happy i get to scrap for me now and if you don't like what i do then you don't have to look at it. We all scrap different and so long as you scrap how you want to then who cares what people think! Enjoy and Blessed Be!

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