Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Where has January gone?

Well the funny thing is when life happens blogs get neglected. I didn't even have time to post my New Years Resolution or anything for that matter. So to start, although it is late, I have finally decided on my scrapbooking New Years Resolution.......Always finish the project i am on before proceeding to the next one! I am always not finishing pages, my pile of pages and projects half finished is through the roof! I can't help it i get bored or stuck or suddenly i have a really good idea for something else and off i go casting aside the project i am working on. The other New Years Resolution would have to be to stop redoing my pages. I have a very bad habit for going through my albums and being disgusted in what i did 8 years ago and i start adding and pulling stuff up. I guess that's what happens when you are your own worst critic! It will be hard!!!
So what has been happening pretty much the same, cleaning,baking,crafting,more doctors,new medications! The highlight was my little sister came for a visit and of course the end of the school holidays. My baby is now a big year 3 and i sadly have one more year with my sweet baby girl before she leaves me too. I love being a mum and it is sad when they go to school. Anyways enough ranting now for some sharing! 

Family Canvas

Daddys Girl


I still have alot to share as i have been scrapbooking alot,lucky me!!! Right now i am working on pages with a kit i bought from a local shop full of delish yummies from Prima. So until next time, which hopefully isn't too long, Blessed Be!

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