Monday, January 2, 2012

 Today has been a wonderful and productive day! Ontop of the general millions of loads of washing, general cleaning and meal preps of the day i have as well turned a little room downstairs into a quaint little play room for my girls. The theme is all pink and it is filled with the toys that cannot fit into their room. I do love how it turned out and even found some delightful wall decor for them. I also baked some cupcakes, PINK ones of course. I think my sister enjoys them the most. I recycled an old jar into my "bits and bobs" jar and am quite happy with how it turned out. I drizzled alcohol ink all down the sides and stamped a bubble wrap image on it and then layered a few flowers and a prima butterfly. It was actually quick and easy and now an old jar is a masterpiece. So although the day is not over yet i must mosy on off as i am preparing a roast pork dinner and still have so much more work to do. Until next time Blessed Be and keep creating! 

My Bits and Bobs Jar

My Cupcakes

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