Monday, February 17, 2014

My first reveal for Life in Details!

Hello Lovelies!!! Welcome to another week! I have already hit the ground running this week. It all started this morning with me whipping up 2 dozen ham and cheese quiches for my girls lunches. i wanted them so they would be still nice and warm for them for morning tea. I have a million things to do this week before Uni commences on Monday. Clean the house, this is a biggy my darling returned back to day shift so i can vacuum all i want and wash and clean and bang and clang lol. Plus i got some serious scrapping to do lol!!

Anyway today i super excited to be posting my very first Smash book page as part of the Life in Details team. So without further adieu for the month of February the challenge is to use... pink and/or red as your dominant colour(s). This month the PL and the smash team are doing the same challenges but next month there will be two seperate challenges :) PL will be for the first fortnight and then Smash booking for the second :)

Enough ranting onto the complete my challenge i chose mostly red which led me to think of Christmas. I decided to smash the chrissy just gone, which is a rarity on its own. Anyone who knows me knows i don't do Christmas pages. I think in 10 years of scrapping i have done about 5 Chrissy pages. I had a few good photos which i wanted to get all on the one page so i chose to do flippers and i even added this years Bon Bon wrapper at the back. i love smashing because i really don't think about anything when i do it, if it fits i stick. If not well it is stuck and i have to live with it lol!


So that is it from me. We would love you to show us your Smash book.


Denise van Deventer said...

Stunning! Love all the details! ;-)

Joanne said...

Awesome pages! I love all the bits and pieces you added :)
Joanne xo