Friday, October 11, 2013

Life is Amazing!!!

Well lovelies i hope we are all keeping well and of course finding some lovely crafting time whatever it shall be. Life really is a amazing right now and it is about time!! I have been so busy experimenting with so much and my ideas have been swamping me. I think it was some much needed RNR camping. Camping really is an amazing thing, getting back to bare basics. It really does wonders for OCD tendencies as well!

So what have been up to??? Well I saw somewhere on Facebook that a lady had been making her own masks with her Cricut and some plastic. I thought this was a fantastic idea so i decided to try myself. In a desperate bid to recycle waste (insert the new planet saving hippy here) i tried to recycle some packaging from my daughters bday present. It was too thick but it still managed to make an score it, so i used my knife to go over the scoring. One broken knife and a few sore fingers later i did it! I even used it on the start of my page. Now i need to find something else to make my stencils with, any ideas???

Upon my travels the other day i discovered these 12x12 boxes, they are now home to my bulky pages. I love them more than albums right now!!! How do you like to store your pages??

I have also been playing with my camera, not just using auto lol. I bought my Nikon back in April because i had out grown my old digital camera and wanted some great photos while i was in Melbourne. I have absolutely no intentions to become a photographer but i do want to take some AMAZING photos of my beautiful family so i had a play on the weekend when we went camping. here are just a few i took that i love. As i said i am no photographer!!!!

Love this mans eyes :)

Marshmallows on the fire!

The fire

Our very unwanted guest lol!


Lastly a big shout out to my baby girl, who is not my baby anymore, who turned 6 on Monday. She was one extremely spoilt little girl. Happy Birthday honey!

Until next time take care. I am off to finish a few pages i have on the go.


Chantal Vandenberg said...

I love recycling too!! WTG! :D

Lizzyc said...

You definitely are a good photographer, these photos are lovely!! That is a fabulous sized box for your layouts, I still put the finished layouts in albums but have a few 3 ring binders for scrapbooking that I am going to try next, better for the bulky type layouts... and good try for making stencils.. thank goodness we now have a re-cycle bin where we put more in then our rubbish bin now!!